'Pollok, Prison & Parliament' w/ Rosie Kane

Episode 11 November 06, 2023 01:12:38
'Pollok, Prison & Parliament' w/ Rosie Kane
You Call That Radio?
'Pollok, Prison & Parliament' w/ Rosie Kane

Nov 06 2023 | 01:12:38


Show Notes

I think my first memory of Rosie was her having my 'My oath is to the people' written on her hand as she made her first appearance in parliament. She also made headlines by going to Cornton Vale prison for refusing to pay a fine she received for her anti-nuclear protest outside parliament. Other controversies included protesting G8 on the floors of parliament, Going to Cuba and nearly getting a winch of Fidel Castro, Being a member of the Pollok Free State and the infamous Tommy Sheridan- News of the World scandal but these days she performs a dramatic and funny one woman show mixing comedy and storytelling called 'A Work in Protest' Ticket`s for You Call That Radio's GRATITUDE & ATTITUDE show here: https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Glas... Please consider supporting this independent channel by going to one of the links below: Patreon:   / youcallthatradio  

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We begin today's show with a look at the Sleaford Mods controversey of storming offstage after a Palestine flag was flung as part of our This is the News segment. 

Todays' show was mixed by your neighbour hood audio ninja Maco who you can find on twitter for all your audio podcasting needs here: http://twitter.com/@macohibs


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