'Chewin the Fat' w/ Karen Dunbar

Episode 6 July 19, 2021 01:17:46
'Chewin the Fat' w/ Karen Dunbar
You Call That Radio?
'Chewin the Fat' w/ Karen Dunbar

Jul 19 2021 | 01:17:46


Show Notes

From Chewin the Fat to The Karen Dunbar show, it is an honour to welcome a true national treasure onto the show. We chatted about her career from Bonkers karaoke to theatre to her recent move into the world of Hip Hop workshops over lockdown and how much she is looking forward to playing a live DJ set once this pandemic blows over. This show was mastered and edited by Morphamish at Sound Sound. You Call That Radio has no adverts, no funding and no sponsors. We are powered purely by our patreons over at http://patreon.com/youcallthatradio 

Check out more Karen Dunbar over at her website http://www.karendunbar.co.uk

This episode is also available to watch on our youtube channel over at : https://bit.ly/3ypowPw

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