'So Much Within' w/ Garry Fraser (Trainspotting 2)

Episode 10 November 06, 2023 01:10:27
'So Much Within' w/ Garry Fraser (Trainspotting 2)
You Call That Radio?
'So Much Within' w/ Garry Fraser (Trainspotting 2)

Nov 06 2023 | 01:10:27


Show Notes

From poverty and heroin addiction in the schemes of Edinburgh to becoming an assistant director of Trainspotting 2. This is the incredible story of writer, film-maker and rapper Garry Fraser as he rolls out his new series Supply & Demand. Episode 1 out now to watch for free on youtube. It is a masterclass of writing , acting and production. All the more incredible as it is completely independent with zero financial backing.

The show also begins with an anouncement that I am leaving Scotland for a while. The podcast will remain unaffected but find more regular content on http://youtube.com/YouCallThatRadio 

You Call That Radio has no sponsors, no adverts and no funding. We are powered purely by our patreons at   / youcallthatradio   Please help us make more content like this and also get yourself some freebies, discounts and bonus material. #

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watch Supply & Demand here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFtsEOJL80w&t

Todays' show was mixed by your friendly, neighbourhood audio ninja Maco who you can find on twitter for all your audio podcasting needs here: http://twitter.com/@macohibs

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