'Modified Warrior' w/ B Dolan

Episode 12 November 06, 2023 01:05:13
'Modified Warrior' w/ B Dolan
You Call That Radio?
'Modified Warrior' w/ B Dolan

Nov 06 2023 | 01:05:13


Show Notes

We speak to one of my all time favourite rappers / writers/ streamers B Dolan of the good ole U.S of A on the 50th birthday of Hip Hop . We discuss his influences, life on the road and his recent spinal surgery alongside rap beefs, the post-lockdown music business and American politics plus much, much more.

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The B Dolan interview was mixed by your friendly, neighbourhood ninja Maco who you can find at http://twitter.com/@Macohibs 
We start today's show with a This is the News segment to find out if dinner with Jay Z is really worth more than $500,000.  

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