'The Inner Rebellion' with 'The Mad Chef' Danny McLaren

Episode 13 December 21, 2021 01:22:39
'The Inner Rebellion' with 'The Mad Chef' Danny McLaren
You Call That Radio?
'The Inner Rebellion' with 'The Mad Chef' Danny McLaren

Dec 21 2021 | 01:22:39


Show Notes

Since Christmas time can be a tough time at the best of times , I thought I would share a positive and uplifting conversation I had earlier this year with Danny 'The Mad Chef' McLaren where we discuss the great outdoors, meditation, breathing, psychedelics and much, much more. Danny runs a project called 'The Inner Rebellion' which does various things like meditation at sunrise in pollok park , weekends away to Arran and online get-togethers. Danny became famous as the mad chef in Bloc where has Buckfast ice cream became a viral sensation as part of a Vice documentary. He is also a content creator, producer, DJ, chef, and most recently started a BBC pilot show called 'The Scran Van' . He is someone who has completely turned his life around and now by sharing his wisdom is now helping others. I hope this chat can give you a sprinkle of good vibes this Christmas especially all the patreons who have supported us in 2021 at http://patreon.com/youcallthatradio

'The Inner Rebellion' song you hear on this episode features on the new Jackal Trades album 'At This Point' out now on Spotify over at: https://spoti.fi/35TGMEF and available on CD/ Digital from Bandcamp here: https://bit.ly/3b6ig6q

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watch this interview in full on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8WMsB6czVQ&t=5s

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