'The Corner of Most States' w/ Daniel Wylie (Cosmic Rough Riders'

Episode 12 December 03, 2021 00:45:45
'The Corner of Most States' w/ Daniel Wylie (Cosmic Rough Riders'
You Call That Radio?
'The Corner of Most States' w/ Daniel Wylie (Cosmic Rough Riders'

Dec 03 2021 | 00:45:45


Show Notes

Having been a fan since I saw him promote his 'Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine' album at T in the Park in another lieftime it was a pleasure to finally meet up in real life and get a chat about his career in the Cosmic Rough Riders and as an esteemed and well respected solo artist. Some excellent chat about the writing process, why he doesn't gig anymore and a few jaw dropping namedrops for good measure. Thanks to Ashtronomik and Praize for letting us record in the studio, Morhamish for mastering the audio and Jon the Hat for filming for the interview which should appear on our youtube channel one day soon over at http://youtube.com/youcallthatradio . That is also the place to go for much more content than our podcast platforms as we are about to celebrate 350 live streams since lcokdown began in march 2020. 

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Check out Daniel's recent album 'Atmos & Energy' on vinyl over at: https://shop.lastnightfromglasgow.com/products/daniel-wylies-cosmic-rough-riders-atoms-and-energy-pre-order


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