'The History of Goth' w/ John Robb

Episode 6 April 11, 2023 00:53:36
'The History of Goth' w/ John Robb
You Call That Radio?
'The History of Goth' w/ John Robb

Apr 11 2023 | 00:53:36


Show Notes

We have a chat with John Robb as he celebrates the launch of his new book 'The Art of Darkness: A History of Goth' . Buy the book here: https://membranes.bandcamp.com/merch/the-art-of-darkness-the-history-of-goth-john-robb-signed


Check out his speaking tour here: 

April 12 Glasgow @ Mono Cafe Bar (with Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai) http://bit.ly/3IF5f4K
April 13 Liverpool @ Museum Of Music http://bit.ly/3HKMoF3
April 14 London @ Rough Trade East (with Youth) https://bit.ly/3W27fHH
April 15 Bristol @ Rough Trade https://bit.ly/3GCgJUh
April 16 Nottingham @ Rough Trade https://bit.ly/3QDy6ZM
April 19 Northampton @ Black Prince http://bit.ly/3XUgb3M
April 20 Bedford @ Esquires http://bit.ly/3wKTp2i
April 27 Glossop @ The Commercial Inn
April 28 Newcastle @ The Cumberland Arms http://bit.ly/3DtRwe0
May 23 Bath @ Chapter 22 Roots & Records http://bit.ly/3loWin8
May 25 Bridport @ Clocktower Records https://bit.ly/3Kc9E0f
June 1 Dublin TBC
June 2 Limerick
June 3 Cork

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