'Falkirk's Hardest Woman' w/ Alan Bissett

Episode 5 April 01, 2023 01:20:42
'Falkirk's Hardest Woman' w/ Alan Bissett
You Call That Radio?
'Falkirk's Hardest Woman' w/ Alan Bissett

Apr 01 2023 | 01:20:42


Show Notes

Novelist, playwright and actor Alan Bissett stops by for a chat about his career to promote his Moira monologues that takes place April 2nd in Oran Mor . We also discuss who 'persuaded Suede' to play Stereo, My confession to Alan that my alarm clock on my phone disrupted his Edinurgh fringe show, The recent Roger Waters and Pink Floyd controversey , Being a lockdown DJ, How he went from working class teacher to Falkirk's hardest woman in a series of plays , The pros and cons of being a working class writer and how he remembers all his words onstage plus loads more. Before the interview I have a quick chat about my experiences with tribute acts namely Scottish Pink Floyd. You Call That Radio has no adverts, no sponsors and no funding but you can support it below if you enjoyed the show: 

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