'What A Nonsense Money Is' w/ Gavin Mitchell aka Boaby the Barman (Still Game)

Episode 4 May 10, 2021 01:42:56
'What A Nonsense Money Is'  w/ Gavin Mitchell aka Boaby the Barman (Still Game)
You Call That Radio?
'What A Nonsense Money Is' w/ Gavin Mitchell aka Boaby the Barman (Still Game)

May 10 2021 | 01:42:56


Show Notes

An absolute honour to share this conversation with Gavin Mitchell, who many know will know as Boaby the Barman from Still Game, but that is a very small part of his incredible journey. From a rough working class upbringing he got into acting and comedy and it was an absolute honour as he joined me on an early incarnation of You Call That Radio TV in the early days of lockdown. There was a few technical issues early on in the live show, that Gavin used as platform for a political and educational rant about what was really going on in the world.  This has been the most requested interview to be repurposed for the podcast and despite the time that has passed , Gavin hits the nail on the head multiple times and considering the confusion of the time, it shows how truly on the ball he was , and still is because most of us are still in lockdown , and despite the fact most of us can get a haircut and a freezing outdoor pint, people still vote tory. Enjoy his view on the shambles that was 2020 and hear about what inspired him to become one of Scotland's greatest actors. Support You Call That Radio at http://patreon.com/YouCallThatRadio or check out our fancy new website at http://YouCallThat.Com . I first seen him on the comedy sketch show Velvet Soup, He also was an important part of Monarch of the Glen and  and has appeared in sitcoms Empty, Happy Hollidays and You Instead.On stage, Mitchell has played the male lead in Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut, a spoof of the Humphrey Bogart film Casablanca, which has appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe. And toured Britain, Paris and Barbados. And the record breaking run of 51 shows of ‘Still Game’ live at the Glasgow Hydro, to some 510,000 people.A true legend who is also an integral part of the music scene where he inducted David Bowie into the Barrowland Hall of Fame on a memorable night that my band The Girobbaies were luckily to be involved with. He also recently expertly hosted Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5's new album album launch for 'The Difficult Number 2' .  He also played a recurring character in crime drama The Field of Blood. He appeared in two episodes of series 7 of the children's adventure series M.I. High, in which he also voiced The Mastermind, taking over from Brian Cox. He can currently be seen playing Grand Duke Sergei in Netflix's ‘The Last Czars’. The Jackal Trades album that was mentioned drops on June 1st 2021 and can be pre-ordered at http://jackaltrades.bandcamp.com Original picture by Martin Windebank Photography Mastered, edited and Produced by Morphamish

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