'Interview with the Vampire' w/ Gasp & Physiks

Episode 13 November 12, 2019 02:59:36
'Interview with the Vampire'  w/ Gasp & Physiks
You Call That Radio?
'Interview with the Vampire' w/ Gasp & Physiks

Nov 12 2019 | 02:59:36


Show Notes

The main event is an extended interview with Hip Hop legends Gasp & Physiks while on the road between Stirling and Glasgow, before and after a gig at the Tolbooth. Also featuring cameo appearances from producer Toni Smoke and the Strange Behaviours gaffer, Kenny Bates. Also In this show , Frank Foodie phones Rice Krispies and the search for Edward Snowden reaches Joe Rogan plus 'The Cineworld Diaries' are unleashed for the first time after being uncovered by Greta and Fatboy Slim and we have a phone-in from angry customers who qued for a Watt Brothers sale that never happened. 'You Call That Radio?' is mastered by Morphamish and powered by our patreons over at http://patreon.com/youcallthatradio please support the show if you can and you will be included in bonus hings such as mad raffles and that. You can also help support the show by subscribing, leaving a review or sharing the link on your social media. Check out the music of Gasp over at http://gasp.bandcamp.com and Physiks over at : https://physiks.bandcamp.com

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