'Every Moment is a WOW Moment' w/ Gail Porter

Episode 8 August 05, 2021 01:04:37
'Every Moment is a WOW Moment' w/ Gail Porter
You Call That Radio?
'Every Moment is a WOW Moment' w/ Gail Porter

Aug 05 2021 | 01:04:37


Show Notes

Ahead of her Fringe by the Sea show we welcome national treasure Gail Porter onto the YCTR audio podcast. She recently won a BAFTA for her incredible 'Being Gail Porter' documentary and I have been a massive fan of hers since the 90's. She has so many stories to share from Top of the Pops to mental health and it was lovely to get the craic with her. Tv Presenter, personality, model and all round sound lass who does endless and inspiring work for charities. This was recorded earlier in the year so some chat might be a little bit out of date but it is a must listen and one of my favourite conversations I have had since the podcast began.

Get info on her Fringe by the Sea show here: https://www.fringebythesea.com/gail-porter/

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The interview has been mixed and mastered by Morphamish.

It can also be viewed on our youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOTru7hifrw&t


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