'Something with Meaning' w/ Manda Rin (bis)

Episode 3 October 10, 2022 00:58:36
'Something with Meaning' w/ Manda Rin (bis)
You Call That Radio?
'Something with Meaning' w/ Manda Rin (bis)

Oct 10 2022 | 00:58:36


Show Notes

We start today's show with a quick review of 'Spaceships Over Glasgow' by Stuart Braithwaite, 'Almost Home' by Mima Merrow and the 'This England' TV show. 2/3 of these helped me recover from a serious case of man-flu this week and helped ease me into sober october. This week's main event is a conversation from July 2022 with synth-pop punk icon Manda Rin of bis who were the first unsigned band to play Top of the Pops and are celebrating their latest album with a UK tour in October (dates below) .  They made some epic hits including 'Kandypop' and 'Eurodisco' which saw them sell over 100,000 albums in their first week in Japan alone. 

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for more about bis check out their website at http://bisnation.com 

They play London, Manchester and Nottingham at the end of October and Glasgow's Classic Grand on December 10th. 

 You can also watch this full interview on our youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI6iM68dNgY&t=2

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