'Housing the Spirit' w/ Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3)

Episode 10 September 30, 2021 01:24:09
'Housing the Spirit' w/ Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3)
You Call That Radio?
'Housing the Spirit' w/ Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3)

Sep 30 2021 | 01:24:09


Show Notes

On the week that Alabama 3's stunning new album 'Step 13' is released we thought we would treat you to a chat we had with A3 legend Harpo Strangelove aka Nick Reynolds earlier this year. He talks about his new film 'Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones' , his father Bruce (The Great Train Robbery) , His art that includes death mask sculptures, The Sopranos soundtrack and the time Reverend D Wayne Love bammed up Chopper. We also have a secret bonus surprise at the very end for any Alabama 3 fans out there as Jackal Trades & Jo D'arc take inspiration from one of A3's biggest hits. This show was mixed and mastered by Morphamish of Sound Sound.

'Step 13' is out now on all platforms but sounds best on vinyl from here: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/alabama-3/step-13

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The song at the end is by Jackal Trades over at: https://spoti.fi/3c5fpvK 

You can watch the video of this chat with Nick over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcUMLM5Ku8A&t 

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