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The meaning of life, the art of everything and sometimes hings about crisps. A mixture of interviews, rants and skits squished together with music. From the deep talk to the daft chat featuring artists and personalities from Glasgow and beyond.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 'Cat Flap to Freedom' w/ Gordy Duncan JR

    Our special guest is the multi-instrumental and mega talented Gordy Duncan JR who did an interview as he drove me back from a recording studio in Perth. Gordy is a singer/ songwriter with an outrageous back catalogue and also a mainstay drummer of The Girobabies, founding member of True Gents ...


  2. 'Doing Things Differently' w/ Leyla Josephine

    Leyla Josephine is an award winning poet that has enjoyed a well deserved meteoric rise to the top of the UK spoken word scene yet her new Fringe show `Daddy Drag` is something completely different. More details and Tickets available here: You Call That Radio is sponsered by the listener, ...


  3. 'Synchronicity' W/ Brother Ali

    It is an honour to welcome our first ever special guest Brother Ali onto the show. We also introduce the first edition of 'Bad Excuses from Mad Politicians' which features the Tory leadership contest in full swing. But first, we begin by chatting about the recent controversey in Scotland's Hip ...


  4. 1: Suppose You Got to Start Somewhere

    Here it is. You Call That Radio? is live. I thought about thousands of different ways to start this whole project but in the end just went with a one-take , unscripted interview with myself where we (Me and me) answered some questions people left online tp giove you a ...


  5. You Call That Radio? Episode Zero Trailer

    A taster of things to come featuring chat from Gordy Duncan JR (Musician/ producer) Hannah Currie (Film Director/ Club Promoter) and Leyla Josephine (Poet/Actor/ Writer) For more info go to: Twitter: Facebook: ...