You Call That Radio?

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The meaning of life, the art of everything and sometimes hings about crisps. A mixture of interviews, rants and skits squished together with music. From the deep talk to the daft chat featuring artists and personalities from Glasgow and beyond.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 'We Are All Here' w/ Hannah Currie & Tim Currie

    Today, we are looking at the mental health epedemic currently affecting Glasgow and beyond by having an extended interview with film-makers Hannah Currie and Tim Currie plus we have contributions from Darren loki McGarvey and Cathy McCormack. Audio mastered by Morphamish. Hannah and Tim recently released a film called 'Too ...


  2. 'Be Careful or You Will End Up in My Novel' w/ Lucy Tertia George

    Today, we speak to a talking rabbit at Edinburgh Fringe and discuss how Facebook adverts somehow manage to get inside your head. Also, Frank Foodie phones Cadburys and Golden Wonder AND We find out the benefits of Digital Art for Artists by Becci Wallace. However, The main event is all ...


  3. 'This Was Supposed to Be Fun' w/ Sage Francis & B Dolan aka Epic Beard Men

    The main event is a chat with U.S Hip Hop legends Sage Francis and B Dolan aka Epic Beard Men who are touring the UK this month to promote their new album 'This Was Supposed to Be Fun'. We also speak to some 'revellers' live from Doune the Rabbit Hole ...


  4. 'Circumvent a Circus Tent' w/ Darren Loki McGarvey

    Recorded live from Kelburn Garden Party featuring an extended interview with Orwell Prize winninng author/ Hip Hop legend/ Social commentator Darren Loki McGarvey. But before all of that we intoduce you to 'Midnight Inventions' with Big Mac McGuru and We speak to The Hoojamamas and Kami Mink Rap next to ...


  5. 'Groove Mechanics and Late Night Revelling' w/ Colonel John McMustard

    We unmask the villainous Colonel John McMustard of Colonel Mustard and the Dijon Five fame with an extended interview. Plus Finnieston Exposed returns to shed light on a new craze called 'late night parties' and Frank Foodie phones Corn Flakes. We also premier ‘The Megabus with Lauren Hill’ and finish ...